About Us


Founded in 2015, Moonglasses Magazine is a quarterly online publication devoted to providing a unique home for experimental, literary writing that’s not afraid to get weird or make people laugh. Our stories and poems have not been nominated for Best of the Net, Pushcart Prizes, or Million Writer Awards. However, we hope this changes soon. In the meantime, we have the distinction of being one of the few publications in existence that hasn’t published Joyce Carol Oates (another thing we hope to possibly fix in the near future).


The story of Moonglasses’ founding is an incredible tale of young people defeating the odds, a tale so inspiring we’re currently in talks with a major television network about adapting the moment for film (the confidentiality clause in our contract won’t let us say anything else). Moonglasses began as a lofty idea dreamt up by ambitious creative writing students between classes one day. While we lounged in the creative writing suite (yes, we have a creative writing suite, complete with pretentious artwork and comfy couches and a professor who sometimes gives us crackers and Twizzlers when we’re hungry), one of our founding members randomly said, “what if we started a literary journal?” And so it was.


We mostly binge Netflix when we should be doing homework. When it’s available, we often eat food. Oh, you meant the magazine. Okay. Well, we are funny people who write funny things who noticed a lack of funny publications and wanted to change that. So here we are. ✷