Emma Fuhs — To harrystyles@gmail.com

to: harrystyles@gmail.com

from: numberoneharrystylesfan@gmail.com

time: 3:04 AM, Thu, Jul 8

subject: can’t sleep


dear Harry,


           you know that feeling hours after you’ve brushed your teeth? when your teeth aren’t minty fresh anymore is the taste I’m talking about. and you’re kind of hungry, but all you want is cereal and you should wait until breakfast, which means holding out just a few more hours. that’s how I feel right now. both those things.





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Emma Fuhs spent her childhood on the central coast of California and is now an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, where she is majoring in English. She has published a short story in The Writing Disorder, a poem in the forthcoming issue of Claudius Speaks, and aspires to be a novelist. So far, the only thing on her Twitter is a retweet from Bernie Sanders.