GB Ryan — Filling in Open Pit Mines with Plastic Cups


Suddenly asked if I expect

to live beyond my death somehow

I say no as most people do


but I’ve heard that the pope has said

atheists can go to heaven



The chicken noodle soup

had turned to a green mush

in the can


which was gross till I saw

I had opened a can

of split pea



This time of year, she said,

you can tell the people

with small children.  We talk

of witches, masks, cobwebs,

carving eyes in pumpkins.

Others need a moment.



When I returned in hope to the supermarket

a woman held up a manila envelope

she knew I had forgotten in my shopping cart

because she and I had been through this already

several times.


You can leave an envelope containing poems

and no one will ever take it, I told someone,

who said that leaving poems in supermarkets

could not be looked on as an effective way to

distribute them.

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G.B. Ryan was born in Ireland and graduated from University College Dublin.  He is a ghostwriter in New York City.  Elkhound published his SURPRISED BY GULLS in May 2015.