Issue Two — April 2016

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Letter from the Editors:

WE ARE SO TIRED. We might actually be dying. If this letter reads incoherently, please accept our premature and very profuse apologies. Listen, folks: We just got back from AWP, and man, it was something. We met lots of amazing writers and editors and passed out cute Moonglasses buttons to unsuspecting conference attendees and celebrated our wonderful community of writers.

Oh, and we met Jonathan Franzen.

That really happened.

We confessed to including a fake blurb from him on our website, and instead of turning into the Angry Jonathan Franzen of the Media, he laughed and gave us a real quote to use instead (although whether or not it contains the truth is dubious at best). It is now on our website in all its glory. Jonathan Franzen, ladies and gentlemen. Moonglasses has finally made it.

Anyways, we’ve got some rad stuff for you in this issue. Monster children, anthropomorphic animals, the works. Hope you enjoy it!


The Most Tired Humans on this Planet
(Aleyna, Kristen, Devan, and Ben)




Esther Murer — End of Story

GB Ryan — Filling in Open Pit Mines with Plastic Cups

A. S. Coomer — The Dichotomy of Existence

James Valvis — Cinderella in an Age of Litigation



Katie Walker — Three Plus Four Sightless Slimy Things with Warts

Len Kuntz — Never Give a Gun to Ducks



Sarah Wheeler — On the Matter of Peanut Butter Jellies



Helen Sparrow — Ode to Pain (5th grade)




Cover artwork by Joi Massat, our hero.

Joi Massat is a fiction writer, artist, and poet when convenient. This sounds prestigious, but she is really just a college student with next to nothing to her name. When she puts out a book or at least gets a Twitter, she hopes that Moonglasses Mag readers will be among the first to know.