Issue Five – February 2017

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Letter from the Editors:


Well friends, this is our first issue under the Trump administration, and hopefully our last. Not to say we’re closing up shop, of course, but our fingers are definitely crossed for impeachment. We may not be an inherently political publication, but let’s face it–since we now have a government that’s hostile towards writers and journalists, we kind of have no choice but to be a political publication, you know? Our particular brand of activism just happens to be making fun of Donald Trump’s tiny hands. We do what we can.


None of this issue’s stories or poems feature Trump (thank god). Instead, we’ve populated our magazine with much friendlier faces: Harry Styles, Snow White, and various other characters whose values aren’t antithetical to democracy. We hope their company provides a nice respite from this weird time we’re living through.


Aleyna, Kristen, Devan, and Ben


Emma Fuhs — To Harry Styles

Meg Reynolds — My Problem with Disney, or Disney’s Problem with Me



Andrew Hertzberg — Frames

Ron Gibson, Jr. — Our Dead Sun, The Day After or While We Were All Making Lemonade

Tim Day — Movie Night

Chris Milam — The Bluest of Blue Ribbons


Cover artwork by @TheConnorRentz, filmmaker, classmate, weirdo, little brother.