Issue Four — September 2016


Letter from the Editors:

It feels like it’s been ages since we published an issue! What’s poor Jonathan Franzen been reading in our absence? We like to think he hasn’t been reading at all, instead feeling lost and directionless without any new Moonglasses material. We’ve done a lot since the publication of our last issue: Our editor Ben Baker moved to Japan (he’s doing well, so we’ve heard); we’ve added new reader Maggie Delisle to our team; and we’ve made artist Daniel Martin, the man responsible for our awesome cover art, a permanent part of the Moonglasses crew.

So, this is a pretty weird issue because A.) it’s Moonglasses, so of course it’s weird, B.) because we’ve got two contributors named Darren, and C.) because the only genres included are poetry and Between the Couch Cushions (which is not recognized as an official genre by any MFA programs, but we’re working on getting that fixed). Never fear, though, we’ve got plenty of laughs to offer this time around. Hope you all enjoy!

Especially you, Franzen.

Aleyna, Kristen, Devan, and Ben


C. J. Miles — The Anatomy of Bae

Darren Demaree — The Children at the Wedding #17

Darren Francis — Last

GJ Hart — Two Tall Men


Between the Couch Cushions:

Allison Spector — Terms of Service