Issue One — February 2016

Feb Cover



Letter from the Editors:

Welcome to the first issue of Moonglasses Magazine! We hope you are as excited about our launch as we are. (We may have not slept at all this week in anticipation of this very moment.) In fact, we considered hosting a fancy launch party, complete with contributors reading poetry and fancy cheese cubes on toothpicks and an open bar tended by Jonathan Franzen, but his manager claims he lost his bartending license and some of us are lactose intolerant, anyways.

This issue is a little shorter than what we expect the average issue to be–we’re missing both our fiction and creative nonfiction categories–but that’s only because we were so anxious to get it out into the world and show you what Moonglasses is all about. Plus, we didn’t think we could last any more days without sleeping.

To kick things off, we’re running a special editors’ edition of Things We Wrote When We Had Acne, in which we embarrass ourselves for your benefit. We hope our mediocre poetry and prose will inspire you to submit your own for our next issue.

Until then,

Aleyna, Kristen, Ben, and Devan




Esther Murer — Crux

James Valvis — Mermaid Rejection

Jill McCabe Johnson — Where Did You Go?

Rich Boucher — Oreo



Peter Cull — Pickle

Rich Boucher — Premium Baby



Dan Bergstein — On Evil Lairs


THINGS WE WROTE WHEN WE HAD ACNE (Special Editors’ Edition)

Aleyna Rentz — The Baseball Game I Wouldn’t Forget (7th grade)

Ben Baker — Thrill of the Hunt (8th grade)

Devan Pride — It Must Be Love (12th grade)

Kristen Flippo — Kill the Bugs (7th grade)


Cover artwork by Rosie Rentz, eighth grade wonder