Ben Baker — Thrill of the Hunt

Ben Baker wrote this in the 8th grade as the first installment of a short story collection in a fantasy universe that was gonna be so awesome and amazing. This was the sole entry. Also, it seems he was very into Fire Emblem while writing this one…


Thrill of the Hunt

So here I was, stuck in between a Seven Nation Army warlord and a Legendary Monster. Hmph. Couldn’t help but try and look back on the entire predicament before what could have become my last fight, and see what went wrong…

During the Great Wars of the Twelve Nation Campaign, in which the Seven Nation Army clashed and conquered five other nations, then attempted to destroy the rest, my home was attacked. Now, I had not lived in any of the campaign targets, but in Scandinavia, which was far to the north of the War. In fact, the Kingdom of Holy Rome was the prosecutor. Its militia was raiding our land for supplies, in fear that they would be the next target of the Seven Nation Army.

Of course, as the skilled fighter that I am, no legion of horsemen would have attacked my village and returned back to Holy Rome. It just so happened that the South Scandinavian Army was recruiting young privates such as me to become fierce warriors. I arrived back at home only to find the entire village engulfed in smoldering flames. Older men who had not been able to join the Army were forced to fend off the Romans while our group was gone.

Not a single damned man was alive! Those accursed Romans even dared do even the most despicable thing possible; they kidnapped all of the young women away into slavery, including my older sister! From that moment on, I vowed to crush the raiders and rescue her. That’s where things began…

Captain Forde handed a letter to a cloaked man.

“Godspeed,” said me leader. “Deliver this to the king!

“Yes, milord,” replied the mysterious man. “It shall be done or I will not survive.”

Whoever he was, he climbed onto a dull gray steed and hoisted off deep into the dark forest. Turning back towards our warm campfire, I could still only think about vengeance. I wasn’t alone, as misery indeed loves company. At least thirty other men from nearby villages joined this brigade and also wanted Holy Rome to pay the ultimate price. Fordo, one of the only ones not out for blood, was forced to head into the south and attack, or risk mutiny.

Fortunately, unlike in the Scandinavian Navy, the Army was much looser. Operations such as these were actually mildly common. Our local Lord even supplied the brigade with new horses and weapons. It wasn’t nearly enough to combat an entire legion, but tried we did.

“Sir!” interrupted a soldier suddenly, running to camp from far away. He looked exhausted, and had to catch his breath before continuing. Finally, he said, “Sir. The 42nd Holy Legion has been alerted to our prescience!”

Captain Fordo was too shocked at first to respond to this revelation, but got a hold of him to reply.

“Sir Orthodox,” Fordo commanded.”Rally your troops. We’re going to battle. Now!”

“Sir! Art thou insane?!” questioned back the trooper, or Sir Orthodox. “At least ninety hundred and one soldiers make up this legion! Holy Rome would crush us!”

Clearly undaunted by the numbers was the brigade captain. “That’s the plan,” said he, already on his shining white horse, glowing brightly against the black of the night. Orthodox reluctantly accepted his fellow captain’s decision, running off to alert his own forces. All seventy of us immediately got up and suited up. We took off with him.


The night barely passed before the enemy sighting became a thing of the past. A memory. We were no longer thinking about ourselves, or about survival; just about war and revenge. The Scandinavian Andy Raid Brigade finally attacked the 42nd Holy Legion, and I was on the front lines.

I was merely equipped with a simple swordreaver, so taking my basic axe and slaying the enemy myrmidons was my task. The weapon was tightly gripped in my hands. My eyes glanced around and found a group of targets. Blood drops flew around me. War was starting, but I could only think about my sister, and the pain she was going through. While I was distracted, a flaming arrow flew past me, singing my hair. I swung wildly, reacting to it, and struck down a swordsman on accident.

My first kill.

During this battle, it seemed like weaker soldiers were almost magnetically attracted to me, always attempting to kill me. Gladly I took this curse, though, because, I thought, at least it was better than Captain Fordo and the other commanders that had to duel with actual generals. Only one tough opponent lied in my way; a single knight. Since he was using a lance, I had to veer away or risk a challenging fight that could cost my sister’s life! Oh no… Why did I keep thinking of her? I had to think about the fight! But it was too late for that. The Knight charged at me and I had to make a dive to avoid him.

I hit the ground, and went out cold for a few moments. Once I regained consciousness, I sprang back to my feet, ready to resume fighting-

HEY!  I thought. Where’s my weapon? I had just realized that, in my jump, I had dropped my swordreaver! It had most likely fallen into another part of the open field, and another soldier may very well have been using it by then. It was all over for me; at least that’s what I thought. The Knight turned his head and looked at me, throwing his lance. But it went far above my head, and next thing I knew, a man screamed out from behind me and I heard a loud thump on the ground.

Turning around, I saw what it was; a gigantic man who nearly chopped my head off with his axe. Fear swept over me. How could I have been so clumsy? How many more enemies like this were preparing to ambush me in the midst of this anarchy? Once again, I let my feelings get a hold of me, and my fighting suffered. The knight, apparently an ally, was furiously sweeping across his range of attack while keeping the Romans away from me. At least a dozen lay dead on the grass after just one minute.

I picked up a sword from one of these miscreants and easily decapitated nearby archer. Good thing too, because his bow was aimed right at Captain Fordo, who was still in a deadlocked battle with the other warlords. The still unknown armored man struck an axman in the heart and paced towards one of the only trees on enemy ground. An archer used a crossbow uselessly against my superb blocking skill, but the weak sword that I was wielding snapped against the arrows. A strong kick knocked him out, and onto the ground. I took his crossbow and shot at my captain’s inconveniences… to absolutely no avail. All that I accomplished by doing that was that they now noticed me! Three of them continued to strife with Fordo, but the other six turned in pursuit of the knight and me. Both of us knew our ultimate fates, and braced for eternity.

That is, until a giant tree came falling downwards and crashed on top of them, killing all of them. Silence ensued for a long moment between both sides of the conflict. Suddenly, hundreds of Holy Roman soldiers rampaged towards us. Luckily, almost too coincidentally, arrows surged out from atop the small bluff nearby and purged the enemy forces almost completely.  Waves more were shot out and showered the remaining bloodthirsty fighters, quenching them with a river and washing them down the drain.

Out of the trees appeared dozens of hidden snipers, which I quickly recognized as from our own 1st Legion Archer brigade. They were the most elite guerilla soldiers of our day. I originally enlisted in it, but was hastily rejected and sent into my current group. Their captain, Canderous, was a harsh man and only accepted the absolute best. Actually, it seemed that he wasn’t even present. The man I assumed was their leader shouted at his men and they began picking off any Holy Roman stragglers. Before the day was up, the 42nd Holy Legion was in full retreat.


The combined force of the most brave soldiers and elite archers was probably enough to continue the assault of the enemy legion back to their base. I knew that my sister was at the back lines of the defense, and so did my comrades. We did not rest, and we did not stop.  As we collided with the remaining Holy Romans, we almost barbarically clobbered every single one of them.

Eventually we did rescue all of the women that were kidnapped. Once I saw my sister, I ran up to her and we passionately embraced for what felt like eternity- she was finally back! But I could not stay with her long, as we not only defeated the 42nd Legion, but we went on to siege the entire kingdom of Holy Rome and eventually take it over in the name of Scandinavia. Fordo became the head general for the entire army, and we faced off against the Seven Nations Army. And here I am, right now, facing against a legendary monster and a Seven Nations Army warlord. What will I do about them? I don’t know yet, but I’m going to make it back to my new home and see my sister again, and I’m not going to do it until the Seven Nations Army is gone for good! ✷


Ben Baker is a student and a writer who is also internet-famous for doing such amazing feats as writing Mario sprite comics in 2006, being an admin on a bad Homestuck blog in 2012, and making a Google+ account whenever Google forced everyone to get those. This mysterious and beautiful person also has their own story website, Home Clipart Animal Deer.