It Must Be Love — Devan Pride

Devan Pride, truly an angsty poet at heart, wrote this piece over four years ago whilst a senior in high school. It comes from a vault now kept under lock and key, aptly named “Stuff I’m too Embarrassed to Look at.” While others wrote poems of love and heartbreak, and the struggles of your everyday teenage dirtbag, she was writing about the things in life that truly mattered. At least, what she thought mattered during such a time of trial and tribulation.


It Must be Love


The feeling I get when I’m around you,

I just don’t know how to describe it.


It tears me apart, it fills me with joy,

I get mixed up inside, I get butterflies.


You complete me so well, it’s like magic.

You’re the puzzle piece I’ve waited so long for.


Oooh, looking at you puts me in the greatest of
moods, oh you, my darling, darling… food.

IMG_20151203_213308Devan Pride is a self-proclaimed weirdo, spending a majority of her time in ludicrous daydreams and apologizing to inanimate objects upon bumping into them. Having spent a plethora of her younger years on the seedy, disreputable side of the internet, she credits a minute part of her writing skills to websites now deemed unmentionable. When she’s not banging out story ideas onto the backsides of already used paper, she can be found playing video games or complaining about life via Twitter at @devvydarling.