Kill the Bugs — Kristen Flippo

This poem comes from the dark recesses of twelve-year-old Kristen’s mind. She was obsessed with all things dealing with death and bugs. During this phase of oddness, she wrote a three-page paper about parasites that freaked out her 7th grade lit teacher so badly that her teacher swore off buying more cats based on what parasites lived in them. She was also nicknamed Edgar Allan Poe by her classmates during that class period. Thank goodness she has grown out of this phase.


Kill the Bugs


Blood spills

The screams have stopped

But their voices echo

On the walls

Kill the bugs

Kill the bugs

Their feet scamper

Their antenna’s twitch

They keep killing

Killing for blood

People die

They decay slowly

But bugs

They live on


Kristen Flippo is a person of many talents: she writes magical realism, reads anything that she can get her hands on, is an amazing knitter, and believes in mermaids. She’s about to graduate from Georgia Southern and has no idea what’s going to happen after that. She previously worked as a Student Editor for Fledge: A Journal of Outstanding First-Year Writing, and is currently a reader for Blotterature.