James Knapp — The Aeronautics of Vegetable Crispers

My refrigerator flew away today.

The compresser clicked on and it took off

through the wall like a rocket

breaking free of gravity.


I watched, complacent, as it launched,

dragging its extension cord like a kitetail.

It crashed through the drywall

of the neighbor I don’t talk to,


hard enough to distract her

from whatever soap opera is still

on cable. It turned to face me;

I know it did. Because I saw


my magnets rearranged on the freezer door;

they loosened into a blissful grin. Then,

with all my condiments in tow, it superheated

through the roof, and disappeared into early afternoon.




James is a writer, podcaster and activist from Harrisburg, PA. He currently co-hosts the Planet Express Delivery Podcast on the Podbean network. He can be reached on Twitter at @GorillaKarate.