Jared Moore – Mortal Fury


A note from the author: I wrote Mortal Fury in grade 7 in Ms. Smith’s English class at Humbercrest Public School. I actually wasn’t prone to gory violence, despite what the story seems to clearly indicate. Just once I got the idea of writing myself into the Mortal Kombat world, I went all the way in. For good measure I drew a decapitated skeleton on the front cover and streams of blood on the back.


mortal furyOne day when I was driving my brand new YJ home from the arcade where I was playing one of my favourite video games called MORTAL KOMBAT, I noticed that one of the buttons on my YJ was flashing. I had never noticed the button before. I decided to press it. All of a sudden every thing started to spin and the next thing I knew, I was outside some castle.


I slowly walked up to the door. I wasn’t sure if I should knock or not. Before I could decide, the door swung open. I walked inside. It was really creey. All was silent until out of nowhere a loud voice yelled “FINISH HIM!!!” I turned around as fast as I could. All of a sudden I felt a shock go through my whole body and I found myself ling on the floor in a dark room. I was wearing a black outfit with a diablo red pancho type thing with a black dragon on th back. Beside me was three other guys, Scorpion, Sub-zero and Gorro!!! In front of us was a man called Shang Tsung!!!! He said that if any one of us wants to get out of wherever we were, we would have to fight and kill everyone in the room.


The first fights would be me against Scropion and Gorro against Sub-zero. The winners would fight each other and the winners of that fight would fight the grand master, Shang Tsung, himself!! Originally there were two other combatants (Johnny Cage and Liu Kang). Here’s how Liu Kang died… He tried to kill Sub-zero by placing a bomb under his bed. As soon as Sub-zero sat on the bed he heard a faint click. Instantly he ran out of his room and dove on to the ground with his hands shielding his head. His room blew up sending a roar through the castle. He got up just in time to see a shadow dodge around a corner. He sprinted after the killer (who was Liu Kang) and did a front flip and landed in front of him. Sub-zero flipped the assassin over his shoulder into the moat which surrounded the castle. Then nothing could be heard except for the splash of the moat, the roar of a crocodile and a desperate cry for help. And that is how Liu Kang died.


Johnny Cage’s death was very different, yet just as violent. It all happened one day that Gorro was scheduled to fight Johnny Cage and wated to find out what style of fighting Johnny used by watching him train. There was nobody Gorro could ask because everybody Johnny had ever fought was now dead!!! He found Johnny on the roof, meditating. Beside him was a pile of broken concrete. All of a sudden Johnny’s eyes opened and he got up. Then, out of nowhere, he let out a scream and keeled over on to his stomach. In his back was a spear. Scorpion, thought Gorro. To this day, Johnny Cage’s body is still on the roof, motionless!!!


I spent the rest of the day preparing myself for combat. I decided to use a bo as my weapon. It was midnight, the time of the fight. I started to look for the battleground. When I got there, Scorpion was on his side of the ledge ready to fight. We didn’t have much space to fight because it was on a ledge about five feet wide and on each side was a two hundred foot drop with spikes at the bottom. Shang Tsung was there himself to watch the battle. All of a sudden a loud voice yelled, out of nowhere, “FIGHT!!!” It was the same voice that yelled “Finish him” when I first arrived at the castle. Then I looked at Scorpion who was staring at me ready to attack!


The sight of his red eyes which looked eternal with depth left my whole body stiff. The next thing I knew, Scorpion was about seven feet in the air right on top of me coming straight down fist first at about seven hundred kilometres an hour. I quickly did a front flip to avoid the attack. Scorpion landed disappointed. I looked up just in time to see a spear hurling at my head. I ducked and reached up to grab the spear. I just caught it! There was a chain attached to the end of the spear which I ripped off. Most of the round I was fighting defensively until I got hit one too many times and everything went black. I lost the first round.


mortal furyyyAs soon as I regained consciousness the second round began. I still had the chain from Scorpion’s spear. I also had my bo which was always with me. I decided to use the chain. As soon as the round started, Scorpion lunged himself at me just like the first round but this time I was ready! I pulled the chain out from behind me, dodged the attack, and wrapped the chain around his neck and pulled as hard as I could. After about three minutes Scorpion was no longer! It didn’t look like there would be a third round.


Next I was scheduled to fight Gorro because he had finished off what used to be Sub-zero. The fight would be that afternoon. That meant I had about ten hours till combat. I was very nervous because this fight could mean victory and freedom or death!!!!



jared moore


Jared Moore is 36 years old. He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. This weekend he went camping with his niece Simone and his sister Nina in the dunes of North-Holland.