Your lovely founding editors:

Aleyna Rentz

Aleyna Rentz is an MFA candidate at Johns Hopkins who can often be found reading, playing piano, or wistfully sending short stories to The New Yorker slush pile. She recently won third place in Glimmer Train‘s January/February New Writers contest. Her creative nonfiction and fiction (which you can find here) have recently appeared in Hobart, The Collapsar, Fifth Wednesday, Wigleaf, and Deep South Magazine. She tweets at @aleyna_rentz.

Ben Baker


Ben Baker is a student and a writer who is also internet-famous for doing such amazing feats as writing Mario sprite comics in 2006, being an admin on a bad Homestuck blog in 2012, and making a Google+ account whenever Google forced everyone to get those. This mysterious and beautiful person also has their own story website, Home Clipart Animal Deer.

Kristen Flippo


Kristen Flippo is a person of many talents: she writes magical realism, reads anything that she can get her hands on, is an amazing knitter, and believes in mermaids. A recent graduate of Georgia Southern University, she previously worked as a Student Editor for Fledge: A Journal of Outstanding First-Year Writing, and is currently a reader for Blotterature.

Devan Pride


Devan Pride is a self-proclaimed weirdo, spending a majority of her time in ludicrous daydreams and apologizing to inanimate objects upon bumping into them. Having spent a plethora of her younger years on the seedy, disreputable side of the internet, she credits a minute part of her writing skills to websites now deemed unmentionable. When she’s not banging out story ideas onto the backsides of already used paper, she can be found playing video games or complaining about life via Twitter at @devvydarling.


Our ridiculously awesome artist:

Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin is a writer and an artist who hopes to one day make a name for himself in the comic book industry. Prior to his artwork being published at Moonglasses, he has also been published in The George Anne and Miscellany. Daniel also was the co-writer for the first three volumes of Golden Campaign that can be found at


Our solitary reader (not to say she is the only one who reads your submissions, because the rest of us do, too!):

Maggie Delisle

Maggie Delisle hasn’t written her bio yet! In the meantime, Aleyna would like you to know that Maggie is an all-around wonderful person.



Our logo was designed by 14-year-old Bethany Rentz, one of Aleyna’s six siblings, whose labor Aleyna is more than willing to exploit for the sake of this magazine.