Rachel Doggett — A Sonnet to Sun Drop

A Note From the Author: I was in the 9th grade when the muses visited me and sang this poem into my ear. I went to Southland Academy, and my English teacher Mrs. Brewer had just taught us about Shakespeare and sonnets. I was inspired by Shakespeare and Sun Drop to write this poem. 

Oh Sun Drop, Oh Sun Drop, how I love thee!

I love thy sugar, thirty grams therein,

And thy caffeine is wonderful to me!

And of thy great taste, how shall I begin?


Dearest Sun Drop, thy sweet citrus flavor

Is a drop of sun on a rainy day.

It is thy sweet taste which I must savor

When I drink thee, Sun Drop, I proclaim “YAY!!”


Thou art green, with perky, peppy bubbles.

When thy pop, thy fizzle, reaches my ears,

Happy, I become, lost are my troubles.

Oh Sun Drop, where hast thou been all these years?


Oh Sun Drop, Oh Sun Drop, my cares are naught,

For thou makest me DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT!!!!!

rachel and bread

Rachel Doggett is a senior Writing and English major at Georgia Southern University. She has lived in Georgia her whole life, and is plotting even now to escape one day. Rachel has a list of historical figures that she would like to fight, and Socrates the father of philosophy is number 1.