Taylor Fang — Food (Age 10, Grade 6)

Taylor Fang was a particularly hungry ten-year-old who wrote this poem while dreaming about food. At the time, she highlighted each phrase the color of the food it described. For your convenience and visual safety, the highlighting has been removed. 

A slice of bread

A lick of wine

A cabbage head

An orange rind


A zesty lemon

A sweet smoothie

A ripe watermelon

A lush tootsie


A spicy chicken

A salty sushi

A yummy pasta

A sweet slushee


A slick eel

A kernel of corn

A slimy veal

And a squash horn


All of this food makes me want to eat,

Until I cannot see my feet!

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Taylor Fang lives in Utah. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Sprout Magazine, YARN, HerCulture, Rookie Magazine, and others. She also enjoys journalism, piano, and tennis.