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potato death


Letter from the Editors:

Readers, it’s the end of the September. You know what that means. Halloween Eve is nearly over, and Halloween, the whole blissful month of it, is nearly upon us. Are you excited? What are you dressing up as? What do you think Jonathan Franzen is going to wear? Do you think he dons an eye-patch and a pirate hat each Halloween and hands out Milk Duds to all the neighborhood kids? We’re intrigued. This man no doubt has holiday traditions and we want to know what they are. (In the meantime, you can tweet us your best guesses.)

While we don’t have any spooky stories to share with you, we do have a cover featuring a murdered potato, and we can’t think of anything scarier than a murdered potato. Instead of tricks, we’ve got a whole issue of treats for you, among them poetry about puke, essays about babysitting, and stories about bugs that just won’t die. Maybe this is a scary issue, after all.

Happy reading, and happy Halloween!

Aleyna, Kristen, Devan, and Ben




MJ Santiago — The Body Responds

Jade Homa — Flight Risk

Diarmuid Maolalaí — Six Uses For Potatoes



Kathryn Lee Willgus — Insecta Dermaptera

Kyle Hemmings — Notes on the Biography of E.H. Munch (3rd Edition)



Elliot Riley — Babysitting


Between the Couch Cushions:

Clay Sparkman — A Review of “My Imaginary Animal,” a Poem by Marta


Things We Wrote When We Had Acne:

Taylor Fang — Food

Rachel Doggett — A Sonnet to Sun Drop