Issue Three — June 2016


Letter from the Editors:

Guys, it’s an exciting time to be alive. We’re publishing poems about frozen heads and flying refrigerators and Smash Mouth and the many issues that arise in the art of eyebrow grooming (for those of you who don’t know, there are A LOT). We’re bringing you a sad dentist and a sad James Franco and a sportscaster who’s probably sad since he’s covering a thumb-wrestling war instead of a Yankees game. We’re paying you (Five dollars! That’s a whole Little Caesar’s pizza, folks!) to write stories based on Clipart images. The literary world is a strange place, but we’re glad to be in it.

Aleyna, Kristen, Devan, and Ben


Andrea Murphy — Ode to My Eyebrows

James Knapp — Walt Disney Wants a Robot Heart

James Knapp — The Aeronautics of Vegetable Crispers

Joseph Parker Okay — I’m a Believer by Smash Mouth



Jon Etter — The Supervillain’s Dentist: A Lament

Michael Schmeltzer — Sometimes James Franco Gets Sad


Between the Couch Cushions: 

Kayla Pongrac — A Sportscaster’s Play-by- Play Commentary of an In-Home Thumb Wrestling War



Cover artwork by Daniel Martin, friend, classmate, number one on James Franco’s hit list.

Daniel Martin is a writer and an artist who hopes to one day make a name for himself in the comic book industry. Prior to his artwork being published at Moonglasses, he has also been published in The George Anne and Miscellany. Daniel also was the co-writer for the first three volumes of Golden Campaign that can be found at